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Alfa Theatre, Rokycanská 7, Plzeň
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Finally! After twenty four long years, the Alfa Theatre's repertoire once again includes a production inspired by the work of the famous Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1870). The last such production, in 1987, was “The Snow Queen,” as dramatised by Russian author Yevgeny Schvartz.

This time, dramatiser and director Petr Vodička (whose directing credits at Alfa include “Bethlehem,” “Bloody Knee” and the international project “pirat07&queenoflove”) chose “The Tinderbox” - a story with a special place in Andersen's body of work. It was the first story in Andersen's very first collection of stories, which was published in 1835 and, in addition to “The Tinderbox” also included a further three stories (Little Claus and Big Claus, The Princess and the Pea, Little Ida's Flowers). In “The Tinderbox” Andersen retold a folk tale about a soldier who almost ends up being executed, but with the help of a magic tinderbox (and the three monstrous dogs in its service) ends up marrying the beautiful princess and becoming king. This first story already combines the eccentric, mysterious atmosphere of Andersen's tales with his strongly-contrasting natural and down-to-earth language, his peppery irony and liking for grotesque – the ingredients that continue to make his stories so attractive to both children and grown ups today.

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Alfa Theatre, Rokycanská 7, Plzeň