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Alfa Theatre, Rokycanská 7, Plzeň
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Roll up, roll up, roll up! Kumpano and his famous travelling theatre have come to your town. They intend to present its most esteemed inhabitants with a most excellent spectacle featuring seven contracts concluded with the devil himself! Seven weaknesses, seven sins, seven contracts signed in blood! How many souls will the devil haul off? Whom will he come for next? After all, Hell may consist of wishes that are too easily and quickly granted.

Kumpano travels from town to town with his successful production featuring seven sinners who sold their souls to the devil. But who knows how he himself came to be famous… the bloody wound on his finger just won’t heal. Will the much-ridiculed Elfrida in the end become his Gretchen The play, performed as “theatre within theatre”, was inspired by a list of the seven deadly sins (Greed, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust, Envy, Wrath and Pride), the Faustian legend and, in spirit, Fellini’s film “La Strada.” It is a montage of seven witty, entertaining morality plays, each produced in either dramatic or song form. It is also a recital by two of the ALFA theatre’s distinctive actors – Milena Jelínková and Petr Borovský, who create not only the characters of Kumpano and his other half, but also (with the help of all kinds of puppets) a double-figure number of characters in the various stories.

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Alfa Theatre, Rokycanská 7, Plzeň