Smetanovy sady 1129/16, 301 00 Plzeň
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J.K.Tyl Theatre presents a musical - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Based on the popular film of 1988, where the main roles were played by Steve Martin and Michael Caine, is a musical which had its world premiére in 2005. Under what circumstances these two cute rotten scoundrels meet, in Beaumont sur Mer on the French Riviera one summer, we will not reveal. One of them is the experienced and smart high style swindler, Lawrence Jameson, who cleverly obtains money from rich ladies. The second is a young and cheeky crook, Freddy Benson, who tries to thrive on the compassion of naive women. After a brief attempt at collaboration, they find that the resort is too small for two con artists. But who should back off? Neither one wants to leave the field, and so they make a wager at the end of the first act. The loser leaves the site, or the industry, but in any case they must leave the scene. And so viewers have the possibility to be amazed at their cunning and mendacity throughout the second act. How it finally turns out, we will of course keep to ourselves for now, but we can assure you that the commitment to remain "on stage" is for both "experts" big enough to entertain and keep up the tension until the final curtain. The libretto for the musical was created by television writer Jeffry Lane. His editing style keeps the action on stage at very high speeds. The author of the lyrics and music is David Yazbek – of American Jewish-Italian-Lebanese blood. The brutal sarcasm is characteristic for both his lyrics and for his melodic music, with the parody of his Broadway drive. Those to whom nothing is sacred, like the authors of Monty Python’s Spamalot, we highly recommend this piece. For others: see it at your own risk!

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Smetanovy sady 1129/16, 301 00 Plzeň