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Měšťanská beseda, Kopeckého sady 59/13, Plzeň
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Dramatization successful eponymous prose writer Irena Dousková. The heroine of the story, the disciple of the second class of nine-year basic school Helenka Součková us probing and naive view of a child of eight years evocatively accompanied tragicomic Husak normalization, as in the early 70th years projected into the world of children and adults. Against the background of the school environment and the theater in one "unnamed" district town depends on the sequence of comic events, embarrassing experiences, minor and major mishaps that little Helenka not only experiencing, but it is the immediacy of his own age, evaluates and comments. Barbora Hrzánová - Thalia Award in 2003 for outstanding female performance for her role as a stage Helenka Součková.

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Měšťanská beseda, Kopeckého sady 59/13, Plzeň