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J.K.Tyl theatre presents a performance - Tosca

Puccini’s fifth opera, Tosca, was based on the successful play by the French dramatist, Victorien Sardou, and was first performed on 15th January 1900 in Rome. It became one of the most played operas of repertoires around the world, and is still favoured today. The main reason for the success of this opera is the exceptionally well written and well presented libretto, which immediately draws viewers into the story full of tension. Puccini’s music also contributes to this, effectively written, but at the same time being devoted to the relationship to the libretto. In the best sense of the word, it illustrates everything that the libretto represents, and empowers the text, without falling victim to mere illustration.

The story of the opera Tosca is set in June 1800 in Rome. The love of two young artists – the opera singer, Tosca, and the painter Cavaradossi, is threatened by the desire of the chief of police, Baron Scarpia, for Tosca. The story plays out on a background of political events in the time of the Napoleonic battle against Austria in Italy. This tragic story is accompanied by the death of four of the main characters during the course of the opera.

This opera is presented in the original Italian version, with Czech subtitles.

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Smetanovy sady 1129/16, 301 00 Plzeň