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The Chamber Theatre, Prokopova 14, Plzeň
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The Chamber theatre presents the last performance - I love you, you´re perfect, now change!

Pointlesly we say “you don´t make the same mistake twice...“! We do it for the second time, for the third time... many times, but..! But why not? It´s what we do. After an eight year tour of the musical I love you, you´re perfect, now change!... on Prague stages, it is presented by the J. K. Tyl theatre, once again under the direction of Antonín Procházka. This sparkling musical comedy in twenty views offers an insight into the perpetual question – about the relationships between men and women – from at least forty points of view. And why not! We are all different, we all look at ‘it‘ differently, and it takes two to make a relationship. At least. We find ourselves on a park bench (a romantic classic), or in a bar (decadence), or somewhere in private (intimite), or even in the cab of an automobile (claustrophobic reality). They even teach us how to pick someone up in such a place as... but no! After all, we can´t tell you everything. But one thing is certain: some of these situations you will have encountered personally, or they will at least remind you of others. So let´s try again, and be entertained by ou own errors and embarrassments. This musical was first presented in New York in 1995.

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The Chamber Theatre, Prokopova 14, Plzeň