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The Chamber Theatre, Prokopova 14, Plzeň
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Pilsen events calendar invites you to the theatre

The Chamber Theatre presents a performance - Cat Among the Pigeons, or Get Out of My Hair

Georges Feydeau

The sweetheart of the Paris cabaret scene, the passionate soubrette Lucette, is glowing with happiness. Her love, Fernand, has returned! Yes, but the courage to say why has yet to be found. And with the arrival of the hopeful writer, Bouzina, who wants to give his hardly most penetrating song, the mercurial General Irrigua showers the singer with flowers and jewellery and reaches immediately for his weapon, and then the Baroness who is soon to become his mother-in-law, all mean that the courage is harder and harder to find. What is the outcome of this twisting, sparkling comedy? You will have to wait and see. But we believe that it will entertain you – the same way it has entertained viewers in France and across Europe since 1894.

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The Chamber Theatre, Prokopova 14, Plzeň