The Chamber Theatre, Prokopova 14, Plzeň
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The Chamber theatre presents a performance - Nine

When Federico Fellini followed up the phenomenal success of La Dolce Vita (1959) with his next feature film, 8 ½ (1963), he explained the circumstances to reporters: “I think that immediately after the film Le notti di Cabiria I had the intention to create a more dimensional portrait of human beings , the story, which also featured different moments, in other words, a story that would be developed concurrently in the plane of physical reality and dream, in the plane of reality and imagination, with the constant change of present, past, and future tenses.” 

This musical takes a peek under the hood of a creative crisis. Director Guido Contini, fresh in his forties, is subject to the emergence of mid-life crisis, while struggling with a lack of inspiration. 

And ... those women! Contini surrounds himself only with women in the story, and we can count 21 of them! They represent the whole range of women’s roles in a man’s world and dreams. From a determined mother, to a wife as a heavy load of responsibilities, a mistress (or mistresses) as an escape from those responsibilities (pointless though it may be), through to prostitutes as the embodiment of something unattainable, or even a nun – a memento of forbidden desires. Many other women wander through the story, just to remind him of forgotten dreams and guilt. In the story, we switch between memories and imagination, with a series of scenes reminiscent of a cabaret style revue in the style of musicals such as Cabaret or Chicago. We also present NINE in the same dramaturgic line.

This isn’t the first time that a Fellini film attracted someone to create a musical based on one of his works. In 1966, Broadway was enchanted by the musical Sweet Charity, which was based on the film Le notti di Cabiria, or Nights of Cabiria (1957).

Maury Yeston started working on his musical as early as in 1973, and didn’t even realise what a long and hard task he was embarking on. It wasn’t until 1981 that he invited Arthur L. Kopit to co-operate on the project. … And so in 1982 Broadway first saw the musical, Nine. The main role was played by Raul Julia. The musical won 6 prestigious TONY AWARDS (including the award for the best musical) and 7 Drama Desk Awards. Since that time it has been presented in many countries around the world. In 2003 a new production was presented on Broadway. This time, the main role was played ny Antonio Banderas. Six years later (2009) the film came to the big screen.

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The Chamber Theatre, Prokopova 14, Plzeň