3 minutes of free LEVITATION

3 minutes of free LEVITATION


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To experience the feeling of freefall and skydiving from aircraft seem too risky , then you have come to the right place! Come and try a free fall feeling safe wind tunnel at a safe altitude and under the constant supervision of professional instructors ! We offer the only tunnel in the world with a circular glass flight chamber with a diameter of 4.3 meters and a total height of a staggering 14 m, in which you can try out what it's like when the wind blows at speeds of over 270 km / h This fun (sport) is open to all physically healthy people aged 5 to 100 years. No need for previous experience or special physical preparation . After a short briefing everyone learns to control his body in free fall during the first pass through the tunnel.

Before the flight - be in place for at least 60 minutes before your flight . With them, we recommend comfortable clothing under the suit and lace up shoes.
Each applicant signs a statement about their health .
Persons under 18 years need the consent of a parent or legal guardian .
If you have long hair , take a rubber band and a comb .

The flight - 30 minutes before your flight, your instructor will take over and you will get a detailed briefing .
You will be loaned all the equipment (suit , helmet , goggles and earplugs ) .
Make sure that you have taken down all jewelery and watches and have nothing in their pockets .
Move with the instructor for the flight chamber and go fly.
Throughout the flight with your instructor in the flight chamber , whose instructions to follow.
Do not forget to smile and wave to friends who came to see you .

The package includes
2 x entrance to the wind tunnel at 1.5 min for one person. Lending overalls , helmets , goggles and earplugs. Assistance instructor throughout flying.

The package contains
Transfers to the venue experience. Services and products included in the package .

All year round

Number of persons
1 person

Maybe you can track your flight , take pictures or filming , but without the opportunity to actively participate in the experience.

It has no effect

Fly , each with the exception of children younger than 5 - years , pregnant women , persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances , persons with impaired blood circulation and heart, people with back problems , hobs or any injuries.