Racing driver for an hour

Racing driver for an hour


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Did not you ever what it's like when you're on the race track and spectator stands or watching TV in a thrilling race their favorite contestant. Would you like to be a moment in his place? We bring you this unique opportunity in the special course on professional mobile simulators , which transmits the pilot's G - overload. Also simulates the loss of rear traction and " hopping " rear wheels.
This is a special rate , according to a pre- prepared script , which generally test your skills and abilities to drive racing car on the selected circuit.
The database is ready plethora of cars, Czech and international routes.
Race instructor will help you improve your riding skills , attention to bad habits and ultimately poodkryje little secrets of motorsport which the spectator stands and the TV gets .

Introduction - includes a description of the car , its setting , behavior , and finally a detailed introduction to selected Czech and world circuit.
Training - the theory to begin the adrenaline in the form of summary weekend. After several rounds of dating , Race Instructor will explain the telemetry and also highlights important places on the circuit .
Qualification - explain simple tricks that are used to achieve the fastest lap .
Race - The highlight of the visit to us will be the race that will test not only your physical but also psychological resistance at a sharp pace racing on the track with other racers.

The package includes
1 hour drive to a professional simulator Race Instructor , snacks , photo documentation on CD, certificate.

The package contains
Transfers to the venue . Services and products beyond experience.

All year round

Number of persons
The certificate is for one person , can not be transferred to several people.

Companionship possible , 1 person + 2 escorts ( in agreement over).

It has no effect

Complete Race briefing instructor draws on a wealth of experience from real races that are engaged in support of the partner race teams from all over Europe , such as Ferrari Challenge, Porsche Cup , Clio Cup , etc